About The Faculty

Instituted in 1978, the English department furnishes a rich course in English literature encompassing British Literature, American literature, Indian writing in English, Literary theories, and Commonwealth Literature. Dr. Rita Purwar was the 1st HOD and under her expert guidance, the department has achieved innumerable milestones. Dr. Mamta Gupta, M.A., D.Phil., is the current HOD and has continued the rich literary tradition and published numerous research papers and books like ‘Peeling the Layers of the Pandemic’ and ‘Defeating the Virus with Words.’ Dr. Priyanka Srivastava, M.A, Ph.D., with her specialization in Diaspora Literature and Women’s Writing, has published the book ‘Cross-Cultural Perspective and Sisterhood in the Fiction of Chitra Banerjee.’ Other Faculty members include Ms. Pranjali Gupta – M.A. NET qualified, (pursuing Ph.D., University of Allahabad).
The Master’s course started in 2018 and since then two batches have completed their course with flying colours. The department seeks to encourage the students to participate in seminars conferences and other literary events and prepare them for professional ventures by instigating their literary inquisitiveness.