About The Faculty

The Ancient History department was started with the establishment of Arya Kanya Degree College in 1975 in the International Women’s Year. Since its inception, the department aims to familiarise the students with the utility and importance of Ancient History as a subject in their studies. Every year, the department organises various programs and competitions during World Heritage Week. The students are taken to various education tours to historical sites. Numerous seminars, webinars, quizzes, and competitions are organised. The department has organised many International and national seminars throughout the year which allows the students to interact with various historians and participate in cultural activities. The department seeks to educate the students and pique their interest in the subject and make them realize the importance and conservation of our ancient culture. The department consists of associate professor Dr. Sudha Singh, Assistant Professor, Dr. Jyoti Rani Jaiswal and Assistant Professor Dr. Deepshikha Pandey.

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