National Service Scheme (NSS)

The main motto of N.S.S. is to develop awareness and responsibility towards society and to achieve this purpose and goal 400 N.S.S. volunteers are working with that section of society who are living below the life standard index.


All the four units of N.S.S. are functional in this College. Each unit having 100 volunteers for the overall development of the volunteers. Various programmeis being designed and conducted in the college under the guidance and direction of in-charge and program officer Dr. Jyoti Rani Jaiswal, Programme officer Dr. Mudita Tiwari Programme officer Dr. Anupama Singh Programme Officer Dr. Archana Singh.

21/05/21 Anti Terrorism Day
28/05/21 Responsibility  of Youth during Pandemic (Webinar )
03/06/21 Youth for Nation Building(Webinar )
09/06/21 Challenges of 21st Century and Youth (Webinar)
13/06/21 New Education Policy and Personality making (webinar )
18/06/21 Making of Modern India and Youth
21/06/21 International Yoga Day
12/06/21 Catch The Rain, Where it Falls
30/06/21 Creation of Society of Scientific Thinking and Honesty (Webinar)
04/07/21 Catch The Rain (Webinar)
11/07/21 Jal Andolan Jan Andolan (Webinar )
18/07/21 Water Conservation ,Challenges and Solution
25 /07/21 Interdependence and Develoment
01/08/21 Social Harmony ,Need And Importance
08/08/21 Atmnirbhar Bharat
22/08/21 Need for eradication of social evils
29/08/21 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav
12/09/21 New Education Policy : far-reaching impact on the educational perspective
19/09/21 Inclusive Educational Policy
26/09/21 Qualitative Educational Management
01/10/21 Clean India Movement
02/10/21 Making of Poster ,Slogan on Occasion of Gandhi Jayanti
03/10/21 New Education Policy : Creative Combination
28/10/21 Nutrition Day
29/10/21 Cleaning of Balua Ghat on occasion of Clean India Campaign
30/10/21  Essay Competition on Iron Man Ballabh Bhai Patel
1/11/21 National Unity Day
18/11/21 Traffic Safety Week
26/11/21 Constitution Day
29/11/21 Free vaccine campaign
01/12/21 World AIDS Day
03/12/21 Voter Awareness Campaign
07/12/21 Environment Conservation Activity
09/12/21 Program on Voter Awareness
10/12/21 Road Safety Program
13/12/21 Rangoli Competition
14/12/21 Campaign of Plastic and Environment Conservation
15/12/21 Energy Conservation Day and making of Vat Vriksha
03/12/21-09/12/21 Iconic Week
12/01/22 National Youth Day
20/01/22 Sweep Plan (creation of Poster and slogan )
23/01/22 ParakramDiwas
24/01/22 National Girl Child Day (Rashtriya Balika Diwas)
25/01/22 Voter Awareness Day
26/01/22 Republic Day
04/01/22 Essay Competition on Voter Awareness
07/02/22 Mehendi Competition on Voter Awareness
08/02/22 Voter Awareness in Magh Mela
10/02/22 Rangoli Competition
03/03/22 Voter Awareness
08/03/22 International Women’s Day

Seven Day NSS special camp was organized from 18/02/2022 to 24/02/2022. The following programs were organized:

  1. 18/2/22- Hawan, Prayers, Speech and address by Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal Chairman, Governing Body, Dr. Rama Singh, Principal.
  2. 19/2/22- Yoga, ‘shramdaan’, visit to malinbasti, voters awareness rally, craft making, training, slogan, poster competition, lecture on women empowerment, Taekwondo training.
  3. 20/2/22- Yoga, ‘shramdaan’, visit to malinbasti, voters awareness rally, craft, songs poem bhajan presentation, lecture by professor Pawan Sirothiya, Taekwondo training.
  4. 21/2/22- Yoga, labour contribution, slum colonies, voters awareness rally, craft, patriotic song, dance, slogan, cleaning, lecture by Dr Sudha Upadhyay, Dr Rajesh Garg, Taekwondo training.
  5. 22/2/22- prayers, yoga, ‘shramdaan’, voters awareness rally, and lecture by Shri Shiv Kumar Rai and Dr Rajesh Garg, NSS coordinator, University of Allahabad and Taekwondo training.
  6. 23/2/22- prayers, yoga, ‘shramdaan’, visit to malinbasti, white washing painting, slogan poster, song, dance, patriotic song, lecture by Dr Latika Srivastava, cultural Programme.
  7. 24/2/22- A closing ceremony was held on 24/2/22 which started with a prayer and was followed by yoga, slogan poster craft display and a cultural program. Honorable Justice Rajiv Lochan Malhotra, Dr Rajesh Garg, NSS coordinator, University of Allahabad, Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal Chairman, Governing Body, Dr. and Rama Singh, Principal gave their blessings to the volunteers.