Library Membership:

General Membership: All the enrolled students of Arya Kanya Degree College, Teaching, Non-teaching staff members, Ph.D. Scholars have the right to access the Library. To become a member of the library, students should fill out a Registration Card available in Library. The registered members are issued Library Cards.

Special Membership: On receipt of the request by the Principal of Arya Samaj Schools, students enrolled in the other Institution of Arya Samaj like Arya Kanya Inter College, etc, the library may offer Special Membership to such persons who will be permitted to use the library. The College Principal or Librarian will decide the duration of membership (six months, one year, and so on) and the number of books allowed for the issue.

Temporary Membership: Students, Researchers, and Academicians who are not members of the Arya Samaj Institute can apply for Temporary membership of the library for studying reading materials of the library at the library premises. He/ She has to submit valid proof of identity (like a College Identity Card, etc) along with the application.

Membership Rules

  1. The member should produce the Library card while getting books issued in her name or availing of different facilities
  2. Students and Staff members when leaving the College permanently must deposit the cards within the Library and get their accounts cleared.
  3. In case the membership card is lost or misplaced, the User should be informed by the library in writing as early as possible. Members can obtain a new card in place of a lost or misplaced cards. In case of loss or damage of card Rs.50 shall be charged from the member.

Duration of Library Membership: As long as s/he is a member of the AKDC.