About The Faculty

The Medieval History Department of Arya Kanya Degree college established in 1978 attempts to widen the knowledge of the students by providing them knowledge about all the development of the world since the beginning of time. The department teaches them about our Ancient, Medieval, and Modern cultures and tries to inculcate in them the value of our Indian culture. We also educate them about the teachings of Sufis and Bhakti saints to give them a message of love tolerance and sacrifice. We make them aware of different types of worldly progress and the reason behind that. We teach them European and World history so that their eyes open up to world relations and think about things pragmatically. Thus, the Medieval History Department of Arya Kanya Degree College aims to import consciousness about Indian culture, the Indian freedom struggle, and the modern world to facilitate students’ intellectual curiosity and transform them into good human beings.

The Head of the Department is Dr. Nazneen Farooqui, Assistant Professor, other faculty members include Dr. Archana Singh, Assistant Professor.