On 1st February 2023, a programme about ‘Custodial Violence/Police Action’ was organised. Mr. Chandra Prakash, IG Prayagraj was invited as the chief guest. Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal, (Chairman, governing body, Arya Kanya Degree College) and Prof. Archana Pathak (Principal, Arya Kanya Degree College), and Ms. Jyoti Mishra were also present in the programme.
Outcome: Information regarding custodial violence, police action, juvenile crime, women arrest and human rights was given to the students.

Heartfulness programme dated 01 February 2023
Outcome: The programme was focused to teach students on how to maintain strength, skill and core values and help students focus on their life motto. ‘Sharing is Caring’ was the theme of the programme.

National Service Scheme, NSS

The main motto of N.S.S. is to develop awareness and responsibility towards society and to achieve this purpose and goal 400 N.S.S. volunteers are working with that section of society who are living below the life standard index.

All the four units of N.S.S. are functional in this College. Each unit having 100 volunteers for the overall development of the volunteers. Various programme are being designed and conducted in the college under the guidance and direction of in-charge and program officer Dr. Jyoti Rani Jaiswal, Programme officer Dr. Mudita Tiwari Programme officer Dr. Anupama Singh Programme Officer Dr. Archana Singh.

21/05/21 Anti Terrorism Day
28/05/21 Responsibility  of Youth during Pandemic (Webinar )
03/06/21 Youth for Nation Building(Webinar )
09/06/21 Challenges of 21st Century and Youth (Webinar)
13/06/21 New Education Policy and Personality making (webinar )
18/06/21 Making of Modern India and Youth
21/06/21 International Yoga Day
12/06/21 Catch The Rain, Where it Falls
30/06/21 Creation of Society of Scientific Thinking and Honesty (Webinar)
04/07/21 Catch The Rain (Webinar)
11/07/21 Jal Andolan Jan Andolan (Webinar )
18/07/21 Water Conservation ,Challenges and Solution
25 /07/21 Interdependence and Develoment
01/08/21 Social Harmony ,Need And Importance
08/08/21 Atmnirbhar Bharat
22/08/21 Need for eradication of social evils
29/08/21 Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav
12/09/21 New Education Policy : far-reaching impact on the educational perspective
19/09/21 Inclusive Educational Policy
26/09/21 Qualitative Educational Management
01/10/21 Clean India Movement
02/10/21 Making of Poster ,Slogan on Occasion of Gandhi Jayanti
03/10/21 New Education Policy : Creative Combination
28/10/21 Nutrition Day
29/10/21 Cleaning of Balua Ghat on occasion of Clean India Campaign
30/10/21  Essay Competition on Iron Man Ballabh Bhai Patel
1/11/21 National Unity Day
18/11/21 Traffic Safety Week
26/11/21 Constitution Day
29/11/21 Free vaccine campaign
01/12/21 World AIDS Day
03/12/21 Voter Awareness Campaign
07/12/21 Environment Conservation Activity
09/12/21 Program on Voter Awareness
10/12/21 Road Safety Program
13/12/21 Rangoli Competition
14/12/21 Campaign of Plastic and Environment Conservation
15/12/21 Energy Conservation Day and making of Vat Vriksha
03/12/21-09/12/21 Iconic Week
12/01/22 National Youth Day
20/01/22 Sweep Plan (creation of Poster and slogan )
23/01/22 Parakram Diwas
24/01/22 National Girl Child Day (Rashtriya Balika Diwas)
25/01/22 Voter Awareness Day
26/01/22 Republic Day
04/01/22 Essay Competition on Voter Awareness
07/02/22 Mehendi Competition on Voter Awareness
08/02/22 Voter Awareness in Magh Mela
10/02/22 Rangoli Competition
03/03/22 Voter Awareness
08/03/22 International Women’s Day

Seven Day NSS special camp was organized from 18/02/2022 to 24/02/2022. The following programs were organized:

18/2/22- Hawan, Prayers, Speech and address by Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal Chairman, Governing Body, Dr. Rama Singh, Principal.

19/2/22- Yoga, ‘shramdaan’, visit to malin basti, voters awareness rally, craft making, training, slogan, poster competition, lecture on women empowerment, Taekwondo training.

20/2/22- Yoga, ‘shramdaan’, visit to malin basti, voters awareness rally, craft, songs poem bhajan presentation, lecture by professor Pawan Sirothiya, Taekwondo training.

21/2/22- Yoga, labour contribution, slum colonies, voters awareness rally, craft, patriotic song, dance, slogan, cleaning, lecture by Dr Sudha Upadhyay, Dr Rajesh Garg, Taekwondo training.

22/2/22- prayers, yoga, ‘shramdaan’, voters awareness rally, and lecture by Shri Shiv Kumar Rai and Dr Rajesh Garg, NSS coordinator, University of Allahabad and Taekwondo training.

23/2/22- prayers, yoga, ‘shramdaan’, visit to malin basti, white washing painting, slogan poster, song, dance, patriotic song, lecture by Dr Latika Srivastava, cultural Programme.

24/2/22- A closing ceremony was held on 24/2/22 which started with a prayer and was followed by yoga, slogan poster craft display and a cultural program. Honorable Justice Rajiv Lochan Malhotra, Dr Rajesh Garg, NSS coordinator, University of Allahabad, Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal Chairman, Governing Body, Dr. and Rama Singh, Principal gave their blessings to the volunteers.

18.05.22- On the occasion of International Museum Festival (16.05.22 to 20.05.22) Allahabad Museum tour was organized by the Department of Medieval History and Ancient History at Arya Kanya Degree College.

1 June 2022- 15 June 2022– Summer camp The summer fest tried to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes etc.,which are needed to constitute a professional identity as well as to acquire jobs. Students learned to write poems,stories and official letters, and learned to craft advertisements,etc. Serve the interest of immerse people/community.

On 25.03.2022, a one day Yoga Workshop was organised. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh describing the importance of Yoga said that it develops a sense of self-discipline and self-awareness and gives us better mental clarity. Yoga Acharya Shri Krishna Kumar Sharma started the workshop with the recitation of the word ‘OM’ and Gayatri Mantra. Chanting of Mantras releases the positive energy of the mind and decreases the negative thoughts and stress. He demonstrated different asanas like Mandukasana, Uttanpadasana, Vajarasana, Taadasana, Vrikshasana, Natrajasana and Surya Namaskar.

On 15.03.22 ‘Swar Kokila Lata Mangeshkar Smriti’ programme was organised by Sangeet Parishad. She is called the Nightingale of India or Queen of Melody because of her contribution to music by singing more than 30,000 songs during her time. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh in her welcome address said that she was an Indian cultural icon who made her name not just in Indian film industry but on a global scale. The Chief Guest Mr Prem Prakash, Additional DGP, said that Lata ji’s golden voice touched the hearts of millions of people all over the globe. She had an unprecedented impact on Indian film industry. He further said that these programs provide a platform to the students to showcase their talents. Chairperson, Governing Body, Mr Pankaj Jaiswal gave his blessing to all the students.

On 12.03.2022, Annual Sports was organised in the college. Indoor and outdoor games like chess, carrom, 100 m race, relay race, shot -put and discus throw, Kabaddi and kho kho were organised. Speaking on this occasion, Chairperson, Governing Body, Sri Pankaj Jaiswal said that sports are an integral part of human life as it helps to inculcate self- confidence and self- discipline.  Principal, Dr. Rama Singh, said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Sports build our determination to win with the cooperation of others. The chief guest, Shri Rakesh Singh IG Prayagraj Zone, administered the oath and said that sports keeps us fit, healthy and active. The spirit of sportsmanship involves coming together of players and building a competitive spirit. The chief guest of the closing function was Prof. Seema Singh Vice Chancellor, Rajarshi Tandon Open University. She said that sports teach values such as team building, discipline and a healthy competitive spirit. Prizes were given to the winners.

On 09.03.2022 on the occasion of International Women’s Day, a lecture by Dr. Beena Singh, manager Sarveshwari PG College and Andh Vidyalaya was organised in the college. Giving the example of Arunima Sinha, she said that strong moral and clear objectives will enable us to achieve success while facing challenges. Chairperson Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, said that girl students should be aware of their rights. Economic freedom plays an important role in empowerment: therefore the college will try its best for their placement. Principal Dr. Rama Singh said that education is the most important factor for empowerment of women. The National Commission for Woman was formed to protect and promote the interests of women.

On the occasion of International Mother Language Day, a lecture was organised on 23.02.2022. Chief Guest Mr. Ravinanadan Singh, critique and poet said , ‘Language is not divine we learn it from our society and primarily from our mother and family.’ Chairman, Governing Body, Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal said, ‘Speaking mother language is natural for child as it is easy to understand and learn.’ Principal, Dr Rama Singh said , ‘ New Education Policy gives much stress on teaching in mother language. This will help in inculcating moral values in children and promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilinguism.

On 04.03.2022, a Career Counselling Programme was organized by Model Career Center UEB, University of Allahabad. Chief Speaker Mr Sugreev Singh said, ‘There must be zeal for Right Direction, Right Time and Right Work. This is the way of success in life.’ Distinguished speaker Vijaybhan Singh, R.D. College Prayagraj said, ‘Target, time, positive thinking, honesty and hard work is essential for getting success in life.’ Vice Principal, Dr Mamta Gupta said, ‘Time is very important in life. A student should always focus on Time Management.’

On 23.02.2022, ‘Rojgaar Mela’ was organised by Good Worker and Hello Jobs Placements Service and Manpower Solutions at Arya Kanya Degree College. Around 56 students participated in the Placement Training Program. Resource person Shri Prabhakar, Director informed the students about various emerging companies like Amazon and Flipkart for employment opportunity. Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Chairman Governing Body, said that such programs motivates students and provide an opportunity to learn professional skills. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that such Rojgaar Mela gives students a positive start in their career search and explore future career opportunities.

On 22.02.2022, an Employment and Placement Training Program was organised for the students in Arya Kanya Degree College by Worker Technology Pvt. Ltd. Company. On this occasion resource person Shri Prabhakar interacted with the students and shared important information regarding placement. He informed the students about the difference between CV, Biodata and Resume. Resource person, Shri Afzal informed that students can make their resume on Playstore application. Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Chairman Governing Body, said that the training programs enable students to learn technical and professional skills. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that students should maintain discipline in life to become successful.

On 15.02.2022, a Workshop on Budget 2022-23 was organised by Kautilya Arthashashtra Parishad at Arya Kanya Degree College. Principal Dr. Rama Singh, welcomed the guests and said that Budget decides the condition and direction of any nation. Prof. Manmohan Krishna, Dept. of Economics, University of Allahabad and Prof. PK Ghosh, HoD Economics, University of Allahabad highlighted the various issues and challenges concerning the budget. Prof. PK Ghosh said that budget should be inclusive and he added budgeting is a process by which the rights of all of the population can be secured. Prof. Manmohan Krishna said that after COVID-19, we have many challenges in allocating budget as ideal growth is hampered across the world. He also informed the students about E-Vidya Yojana, Digital University and PM Gatishakti Yojana. Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Chairman Governing Body, encouraged students to learn about the latest budget trends.

On 04.02.2022, an online lecture on ‘Cancer: Awareness and Prevention’ on World Cancer Day was organised to impart knowledge about cancer among the students and faculty members. Dr. B. Pal was the resource person on this occasion. He said that we should not be afraid of cancer and develop positive thinking to fight it. One can stay safe and healthy by adopting healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. He informed about various treatments like surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc. Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Chairman Governing Body, said that such health awareness programs are important as prevention is better than cure. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh, informed the students that UNESCO has declared 4th February as World Cancer Awareness Day.

On 25.01.2022, an awareness program was organised on National Voters’ Day. Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Chairman Governing Body, encouraged students and faculty members to use their vote wisely and practise this fundamental duty judiciously. Principal Dr. Rama Singh said that all the students who are voters must use their vote to make a transparent government. She said that each vote is important for democracy.

On 24.01.2022, a program was organised to celebrate ‘Rashtriya Balika Diwas’ in the college. The program was organised to impart awareness about the rights and education and importance of the girl child. On this occasion, Prof. Shabnam Hamid, Urdu Dept. University of Allahabad, interacted with the students and said girls are an inevitable part of the society. Smt. Kiran Chawla, Social Worker said that existence of the world cannot be conceived without the girl child. Shri Ashok Kumar, IPS, encouraged the girls and said that they are a source of energy and inspiration. Chairperson Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal said that Arya Kanya Degree College is constantly heading towards the enlightened path of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. He said education is the best medium to empower girls. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said our Constitution has given equal opportunity to all the girls and has enforced various laws in support of women.

On 12.01.2022, an online program was organised to celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanand. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that Swami Vivekanand has raised consciousness among Indians to fight against slavery during the colonial rule. His sayings had left a deep impression on Indian culture and tradition during his address in Chicago World Religion Summit. Chairperson Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal said that Vivekanand has always been a source of inspiration for the Youth. He further left the following message of Swami Vivekanand with the students ‘Arise, awake and stop not until the goal is reached.’

On 10.12.2021, one day workshop on traffic rules was organized by Arya Kanya Degree College in collaboration with Sarthi Foundation. Important information about traffic rules were given by Additional Director General of Police Shri Prem Prakash ji. While quizzing the girl students on various aspects of traffic rules, road traffic signs, cyber crime, he gave information about emergency number 112, and asked students to cooperate with the police. A quiz was organized for the students and certificates were also given to the winners. Chairperson, Governing Body, Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal, apprised the girl students about the subject and described them as a strong watchdog of the society. Project Director, Sarthi Foundation, New Delhi, Mr. Raunak Gupta gave information about the foundation. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh thanked the ADG for playing the role of traffic inspector outside the college.

On 03.12.2022 a Voter Awareness Programme was organized. Shri Saurabh Bhatt, SDM Allahabad, told the students about the importance of voting and got the students registered on the Voter Helpline App (VHA). The students filed the voter registration form and were made aware about Form 6,6A, 7, 8, and 8A. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that due to lack of information, a large section is still unable to understand the purpose of voting. Some people are successful in misleading the voters by spreading false propaganda. Voters have to be aware that their vote forms the government of the country and the states. On this occasion, Assistant City Officer Anupam Parihar, Dr. Rakesh Pandey and Dr. P.K. Ghosh were present.

On 02.12.2021, a program was organized on the occasion of World AIDS Day. Dr. Rohit Pandey, District Program Manager of DAPCU talked about important things in this regard, and busted the myth that HIV doesn’t mean AIDS. He acquainted the students with the causes, symptoms, treatment and precautions of the spread of AIDS. Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal addressed the students and helped them understand the seriousness of this disease and asked them to increase their knowledge about AIDS. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said AIDS is not a problem of India but of the entire world.

On 26.11.2021, a program was organized on the occasion of Constitution Day. The chief speaker was Dr. Harivansh Singh, Law Department, University of Allahabad. He expressed his views regarding the rights and responsibilities of Indian citizens. On this occasion, Mahamandaleshwar Kalyani Nandgiri Maharaj and Mahant Vaishnavi Nandgiri of Kinnar Akhara said that equal rights were given to all without discrimination of caste, religion, gender in the constitution though the Kinnar community did not get equal rights. Chairman of the Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal said that the Constitution is the sum of the rights and duties of the citizens of India and said Constitution Day gives us the feeling of being a free citizen. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh informed the students that Constitution Day was earlier known as National Law Day and girls should be aware of their rights and duties.

From 26.10.2021-01.11.2021 a week long ‘Satarkta Jagrukta Abhiyan’ program was organized in the college, to commemorate the 146th birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The Chairman Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal said that India has moved forward with the development of inventions, discoveries and technology which has made India Asia’s third business economy. In this regard, he discussed industrialization, green revolution, self-reliance (aatma-nirbharta), start-ups and entrepreneurial schemes.

On 01.10.2021, a seminar was organized in Arya Kanya Degree College to observe Gandhi Jayanti. Principal Dr. Rama Singh while addressing the students said that Gandhiji’s vision is relevant even today. Self-reliant India will be a step towards self-reliance by achieving the goal of Akhand Bharat. Vice-Principal, Dr. Mamta Gupta, inspired the students to take inspiration from the life of Gandhiji and follow the path of ‘ahinsa’ shown by him. Dr. KalpanaVerma, through the ‘teen bandars’ of Gandhiji, gave the message to the students to stay away from evil. Dr. Ibha Sirothia sang Gandhiji’s favorite hymn Vaishnav Jan and Ramdhun, with the students and teachers. Dr. Avadhesh Kumar made the students aware of Gandhi’s education and his ideas.

On 27.09.2021, a lecture was organized on ‘Social Concerns and Health.’ Shri Samar Bahadur Singh, Deputy Director, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan was the chief guest. While addressing the students he said that in rural areas, youth groups have been formed which are engaged in sports and health activities. They are working to implement the policies of the government in the youth and villages to keep the society healthy. Ms. Jagriti Pandey, District Youth Officer, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan further said that it is necessary for the students to stay healthy because the whole family depends on them, and for this yoga education is necessary. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh, welcoming the guests, said the students, both in urban and rural areas, in order to stay healthy should make healthy food for themselves and their families and can thus keep the family and the society healthy.

On 25.09.2021, a Yagya ceremony was organized under the program ‘Ghar-Ghar Yagya Har-GharYagya.’ The chief guest was Shri Devendra Pal Verma, President Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Utamayati, Director, Arya Veerangana Dal, Jaipur conducted the Yagya. The program started with the inauguration of the newly constructed PG research rooms of Arya Kanya Degree College by Shri Devendra Pal Verma.
The Chief Guest Hon’ble, Kunwar Revati Raman Singh MP said in his speech that Arya Samaj is doing the work of waving the flag of Arya culture all over the world. Arya Pratinidhi Sabha President Shri Devendra Pal Verma appreciated the program and said that the Arya culture is very ancient. It is the responsibility of the younger generation to take it forward. Dr. Utamayati inspired girls to be empowered and self-reliant and said that Arya Kanya is working tirelessly towards it. Mantri Arya Pratinidhi Sabha and the Governing Body Chairperson of Arya Kanya Degree College Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, said that Yagya has a positive effect on resolving multiple issues as it cleans negativity and makes the mind stronger and purifies the environment too.
Justice Sudhir Narayan, Justice Rajiv Lochan, Lok Sabha MP Rita Joshi, UP Cabinet Minister Nand Gopal Gupta Nandi, former MP Shailendra ji, Shri KP Singh IPS, Senior Advocate Smt. Archana Singh, Mrs. Vinita Jaiswal, Nagendra Singh, participated in the Yagya. The Principal of the college, Dr. Rama Singh welcomed the guests and said that Yagya is the process of cleansing oneself (material and spiritual) and the environment.

On 24.09.2021Prapatravachan’ competition on ‘Uchhasiksha me Gunwanta ki Chinta aur Chintan’ was organized. Dr. Ratan Kumari Verma, Hindi Department, Jagat Taran Girls’ Degree College, invited as the judge, said in her address that if the teacher-student ratio in the educational institution is correct and for the development of quality, it is necessary to develop humanity, tolerance, and compassion in the students. It is the students’ responsibility to give useful suggestions for increasing the quality of higher education and execute them as well, merely finding the shortfall is not enough.

A lecture on ‘HindI-Urdu Sahitya me Pragatisheel Kavya Aandolan’ was organized on 24.09.2021. Speaking as the chief guest, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Chairperson Governing Body said that from 14th September, 1949, Hindi was adopted as the official language. Hindi and Urdu are two variants of the same language. Hindi is the most common spoken language and Hindi and Urdu are so mixed with each other that it is difficult to find the difference between the two. Dr. Ashutosh Parthaswar, Hindi Department, Allahabad University speaking as the keynote speaker, said that Urdu literature has become timeless because of Khusro. The identity of female experiences is present in Urdu Literature. Dr. Laxman Prasad Singh, Department of Hindi, University of Allahabad said that the world of Urdu begins with Amir Khusro. Khusro’s creativity is coherent even now. In her welcome note, the Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that today the whole of India is engaged in strengthening Hindi.

On 14.09.2021 English Department of Arya Kanya College organized a slogan and poster competition on ‘Plastic-free India.’ On this occasion Chairman, Governing Body, Mr. Pankaj Jaiswal addressed the students and asked them to pledge to not use plastic in the protection of the environment. Principal of the college, Dr. Rama Singh,made an appeal to the students to maintain the cleanliness of the environment by not using plastic at all as it is the enemy of humanity. Exposure to them is linked to cancer, impaired immunity and other ailments.

On 08.09.2021, a one day National Seminar on the ‘Rashtriya Nirman mein Guru-Shishya Sambandh’ was organised. The chief speaker was Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Mantri Arya Pratinidhi Sabha. He said that education plays an important role in developing students’ personality from nursery to university level. Education leaves an impact on personality at different levels. Children spend most of their time at home so the mother becomes the first guru of the child. A mother plays a vital role in the development of the child. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that in the present times the teacher’s role has increased to a great extent as our society is facing a sharp decline of moral values. Our youth has the power to build our nation so we must give them the responsibility and their enthusiasm must be channelized in the right way.

‘Ved Prachaar Week’ was celebrated from 22.08.2021-30.08.2021 at Arya Samaj Chowk. Arya Samaj Chowk and Arya Kanya Degree College organised different programs and competitions for the students. Nearly 100 students participated in the competitions and won prizes. Shri KP Singh, IG Police Prayagraj, was the chief guest. He said that Arya Samaj has always played an important role in eradicating evil practices and myths of the society. Arya Pratinidhi Sabha Mantri Shri Pankaj Jaiswal said that Swami Dayanand gave the mantra ‘Back to Vedas.’ It is necessary to spread the teachings of Swami Ji for removing the evil practices of the society. Swami Ji brought about a complete over haul of the education system by introducing Anglo-Vedic schools to offer Indian students an updated curriculum teaching both the knowledge of the Vedas along with contemporary English Education.

On 26.07.2021, ICFAI Business School, Gurgaon organised a program on ‘Student Development Program on Basic Preparation for Getting Job-Ready and Entrepreneurship Skills.’ Prof. Umesh Kalra, (Ex-RES) gave important information on how to face All-India Civil Services exams like CDS, IFS, IAS, etc. He also talked about the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship which was set up in 2014 to coordinate all skill development efforts across the country and to build the new skills and innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also for jobs that are to be created. The program was chaired by Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal. He said that this program gave important information about how to get ready for jobs and entrepreneurship. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that the students should make a time table and follow it judiciously, solve mock papers and read the newspapers regularly.

From 12.07.2021-19.07.2021, Heartfulness Educational Trust organised a one week program on ‘Stress Management and Personality Development’ at Arya Kanya Degree College, Prayagraj. In this program, Ms. Smita Agarwal, Kamini Mittal, Dr. Sarita Rani, and Suman Pathak (Special Meditation Trainer) gave lectures on ‘Connection, Core Value, Shield, Sandarbh, Choices, and on Meditation.’ Ms. Kamini Mittal (Happiness and Facilitator) spoke on how to make life happy and get fulfilment in life. Dr. Sarita Rani explained the word ‘Community’ and asked the students to choose their goal. The students were trained to do meditation every day. Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal and Principal, Dr. Rama Singh gave their good wishes to the students.

On 06.07.2021, a job counselling session by the PIBM on ‘Post-Pandemic Employment Opportunities’ was held in the college in which Shri Raman Pratee, Chairman PIBM, addressed the students and offered tips to gain skills for getting good jobs. Shri Riddhiman focused on the unstable market and shared some practical experiences to pacify student’s queries. Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal told the students that economic aspect must be strong for leading a good life. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh elaborated the post pandemic situation and encouraged the students to work hard for getting placement.

On 02.07.2021, an online Alumni Meeting was held at Arya Kanya Degree College. The meeting was chaired by Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal. He said alumni are an integral part of the college and they should always keep in touch with the institution. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that the old memories of the students and their contribution towards the college are immeasurable.

International Yoga Day

On 21-06-2021 online International Yoga Day was organized. Dr. Shweta Singh, Medical Officer, Ayurveda State Government Hospital was the Chief Guest. She said Yoga controls mind and body and keep us stress free. One can lead a disciplined life by practicing yoga.Yoga is a way of life. Having its origins in ancient India, yoga is all about the system that aims at the holistic wellness of humans including the body, mind and the spirit. Yoga Guru Shri Nishant Indu Jha, Freelancer yoga teacher gave training to the students. Through different aasans he explained the benefits of yoga, for common health issues prevailing in people nowadays like spondylitis, obesity, etc. The Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal presided the programme and said that the importance of yoga has been realized in the Corona period. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said that people should do yoga to improve immunity.

Parents views on Online Education in Arya Kanya Degree College

A seminar on “Online Education and Student’s Welfare Secured was organized on 13-06-2021. More than 100 parents participated and shared their views. They said that though teachers are taking regular online classes but in absence of internet connectivity their daughters are not able to attend classes. Such problems were reported by the parents of children who come from remote areas of the city. Most of the parents praised the college’s efforts and endeavor in organizing lectures and webinars from time to time even in lockdown period. Parents gave suggestions that the college administration should ensure vaccination of every student when the college re-opens. Chairperson, Governing Body of the College, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal said that the college is committed to its vision and mission to empower girl students even in Corona period by organizing online lectures and webinars. Principal, Dr Rama Singh said that teachers are taking online classes and mentoring the students by sorting out their problems. In the coming session BSc. classes may also start in the college. On this occasion Shri Dayaram Yadav, Vishaish Mishra, Meenakshi Patel, Ram Abhilasha, Neeraj Yadav, Mina Devi, Rekha Jaiswal, Premchandra, Chandrashekhar Singh, participated .

Lecture on Sahitya mein Anuwad ka Mahatva


On 11-06-2021 a lecture on“Sahitya mein Anuwad ka Mahatva” was organized by Hindi Department. Prof. Rampal Gangwar, Hindi Department, Baba Sahib Bhimrao Ambedkar, Central University, Lucknow, spoke on importance of translation and said the process of dialogue and translation has been going on since there was no machine in the world. We can understand ideology and culture through language translation. Chairperson, Governing Body Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, presided the programme and said that in the present scenario people take translation writing as a prominent subject in English. It is a kind of dialogue which is done between two languages through translation. Dr. Rama Singh, Principal, welcomed the guests and said translation writing becomes important as India is a country of multiple languages. She said translation is a toolkit in Sahitya as it helps in understanding emotions of other languages.

World Environment Day


On 05-06-2021 a lecture on The Need of Re-organizing Eco-System in the Present Scenario was organized on the occasion of World Environment Day. The chief speaker was Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Environmentalist, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Darbhanga. He spoke on global warming, increase in the water level of oceans and requested that all of us should use natural resources in such a way that they are not wasted. Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal said we should plant trees as they release oxygen, absorb unpleasant odours as well as harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide from the air and purify it. Principal, Dr. Rama Singh said due to imbalance in eco-system many health problems are increasing. She also said environmental problems like depletion in ozone layer, cyclone, global warming, etc are taking place.

On 10-06-2021 a Banyan tree was planted in the campus as part of the Plantation Drive by the Chairperson, Governing Body, Shri Pankaj Jaiswal, Principal and the teachers of the college. Banyan trees are a rich source of oxygen. The National Tree of India, the Banyan tree is popularly known for its ability to emit a large amount of oxygen. Planting such trees in our surroundings can be extremely beneficial as they ensure the purity of air and reduce the presence of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere. About 200 trees were planted in the College