The Ultimate Casino Adventure Awaits At Marathonbet India – An internal quality audit (AMI) is an internal audit function that is a form of higher education self-evaluation. The internal quality audit activity confirms that the quality assurance given in Article 52 of Law No. 12 of 2003 is a systematic activity to improve the quality of higher education in a planned and sustainable manner.

Entrepreneurial soft skills should be taught from childhood, including college students. Students are one of the starters. On the other hand, many students are concerned about starting and developing startups for various reasons. Since 2019, the Indonesian government has…

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The Ultimate Casino Adventure Awaits At Marathonbet India

Wednesday 26/01/2022 UPT. Yudhartha Pasuruan University of Entrepreneurship Wirayuda #Gen1 School (First Generation Yudhartha University Student Entrepreneurship School) at Assembly Hall L. 3 Archipelago Building, Yudhartha University, Pasuruan This activity was attended by students from different study programs and different generations at Yudhartha University, Pasuruan. Taking the theme “Freedom, Freedom and Empowerment”, UPT UYP Entrepreneurship…

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Thursday 23/09/2021 UPT. Entrepreneurship participates in inter-institutional coordination meetings facilitated by Dr. Hambali, MC, Vice-Chancellor II, Yudhartha University, Pasuruan. The discussion at the joint meeting focused on the plan to support the Autonomous Learning Campus Independent (MBKM) program in the field of entrepreneurship at Yudhartha University, Pasuruan. The following were present at the coordination meeting: Rector,…

Business relations at Yudhartha Pasuruan University (UYP) – became the focus of discussion in the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) agenda organized by the Entrepreneurship Unit on February 8, 2021. 3 UYP Islands Building. This activity was carried out in accordance with the commitment of the UYP Entrepreneurship Unit to continuously improve the quality of its performance. M. Dayat, MM as Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship… UNPAD Undergraduate Psychology Studies Program (accredited A) is designed for students with a strong interest in understanding human behavior and its basic psychological functions through a biopsychosocial approach. We are ready to provide comprehensive psychological concepts and concepts and develop students’ scientific and practical thinking skills to solve psychological problems at the individual, group, organization and community levels according to the provisions of the Indonesian Code of Ethics.

We offer a structured curriculum using Outcomes-Based Learning (OBE) capital project design. The goal of the Capital Project Design course is to measure the achievement of graduate qualifications.

Psychology is the scientific understanding of the mental processes that underlie human behavior and behavior. Human behavior is a very broad field in psychology. In order to study the scope of psychology in general, it is important to have a structured learning plan in colleges.

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In order to produce a qualified qualification in psychology, there is a need for a relationship between the psychology research program S1 Faculty of Psychology Unpad as a higher education with the needs of work and society.

Therefore, the psychology study program, Psychology Unpad Faculty, is currently implementing a free curriculum – Merdeka Campus. With this policy, it is expected that students currently studying in higher education institutions should be prepared to be competent, flexible and hardworking real students.

Studying here lasts 8 semesters and takes courses worth 149 credits. So there are many psychologies that can be studied.

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Do you want to study psychology at UNPAD? Being an HRD manager in a large company, consultant, measurement tool developer, start-up researcher, trainer, content creator, sports psychology, are examples of careers that alumni of the UNPAD Psychology program can pursue.

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Read more about the different career options after your education at the button below.

“At Unpad Psychology, I received not only psychology-related knowledge, but also scientific thinking and a work culture such as thoroughness, hard work, perseverance and a commitment to fulfill all responsibilities properly. These things have helped me in my current work in the consulting industry, which is critical thinking, analytical skills and resilience. In my opinion, the positive things that I took away from the talk are because of the quality of Unpad Psychology teachers, not only what they teach in the classroom, but also the values ​​outside the classroom that are important for students’ future lives.”

“My journey by God to study at Fapsi Unpad is one of the most important parts of my life. I am grateful because I have 3 keys to success in my business/corporate journey: 1) Knowing myself and my potential through existential analysis and personality courses, and finally with myself in all my weaknesses. They maximize my potential in creating peace and running a business. 2) Recognizing the potential of other people and combining the potential of many people will be a good combination. I have learned this by applying almost all the psychological theories I have learned. Do it in an orderly way. Studying psychology and ethics in psychology inspired me to always put ethics first and do everything the right way.

“Studying psychology at Unpad was an exciting and challenging time. Thankfully the teachers and all the staff were very helpful. So far, studying psychology with Unpad is still worthwhile. From inspiring and equipping me to create a community of new moms and become a teacher of education and growth.

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“Studying psychology at Unpad is a springboard for me to go out into the wider world and work in an environment that no one else can enter, such as a palace, but in the international military training sector, I can get to know and learn directly.”

“At Unpad Psychology, I have learned to explore myself as widely as possible. Apart from academics, I also explore my non-academic interests, especially futsal in sports. This opportunity now helps me connect my two passions, psychology and sports.”

Studying at Unpad at the Faculty of Psychology is an unforgettable experience. From the learning atmosphere in the campus, it is very supportive of both the teachers and the students. This supportive learning environment is evidenced by the friendliness of the teachers who welcome questions and guide students in a warm and professional manner.

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