Satta Punjab – Today’s Punjab Day Satta King Result is given below. Along with the result of the Punjab Day Satta King, the results of other major matches have been updated in the table below. What do you see –

⇓ DISAWAR ⇓ 58 ⇒ 96 ✅ [TIME – 05:00] FARIDABAD — ✅ [TIME – 23:10] ⇓ OLD DELHI ⇓ 52 ⇒ 52 ✅ [TIME – 05:15] TAJ ⇓ ⇒ — ✅ [TIME – 15:15] ] 00] ⇓ MEERUT ⇓ 44 ⇒ – 3:00 PM] :00 PM] ⇓ DELHI NOON ⇓ 100 ⇒ ⇓ — ✅ [TIME – 3:00 PM] ⇓ KASHIPUR ⇓ 26 ⇒] ⇓ 26 ⇒ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ ✅ [POWER – 5:00 PM] ⇓ DAY PUNJAB ⇓ 17 ⇒ ⇓ ⇓ 64 ⇓ ⇒ — ✅ [TIME – 6:30 PM] ⇓ NAGPUR ⇓ 60 ⇒ PM] ⇓ NEW FARIDABAD ⇓ ⇒ 64 ⇓ ⇒ — ✅ 75 ⇒ ⇓ — ✅ [POWER – 21:30] ⇓ DELHI DARBAAR ⇓ 61

Satta Punjab

Satta Punjab

We have seen above that today is Punjabi Satta King Day. But before knowing the result of Punjab Day, one should have complete information about this match. If you don’t know her, let us tell you that she is a mother. It is played in Punjab and other places. The day of Punjab is considered to be one of the biggest SattaKing of Punjab today.

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If we talk about the popularity of this mother, then as we said above, she is loved not only in Punjab but also in other cities. There are many places in Haryana and New Delhi.

If you live in these areas then you must play this game at the matka market in your city. If you want to play this while living in a small town where there is no matka market, you have to play online.

If we talk about the history of Punjab Day Satta King, then those who have seen this game for a long time say that this matka is not old. About 5 years have passed since the beginning. But some say it has been played since ancient times.

But at that time his number was not recorded, so evidence of him could not be found. According to the people in the past, few people liked it because they played in the old ways, but when they expanded, the people playing increased.

Satta King 2023 Live Result,watch Online 27,28,29 March 2023

If you don’t know the right time of Punjab Day Satta King game then you can’t play at right time and you won’t get result in time. Below we have provided the exact timing of the match and the arrival of the result which you can check-

If we talk about the time to play on Punjab Day then you can play on any day of the week or at any time of the day. There is no chance to play Punjab Day game. And you will see the result in one day.

As mentioned earlier, the result of Punjab Day Satta King was announced on the day. Arrival time is 5pm. Keep in mind that this may happen quickly. After that, you can see the new result.

Satta Punjab

If you are interested you can check Punjab Day Satta King Result on this website. Once the result is declared, its result is updated immediately on our website so that you can get your result at the right time.

Punjab Satta King

If you are thinking of coming from Satta King Punjab Day to another mother or you want to get information about games like Punjab Day, then below we have told about in 5 games according to game modes. So let’s see-

Punjab SPL is very popular in the state of Punjab, as is Punjab Day. No matter where you live in Punjab, if you have a Matka market, you can find both games there.

If we talk about the time of this game, then you can take the ticket until the evening and you will see the result until 9 o’clock in the evening. Punjab SPL is a very good choice on Satta King Punjab day to watch.

Nagpur city is a play in Nagpur. It is performed today in Nagpur and other cities. If we talk about the popularity of this game then you will easily find this game not only in Matka market in Nagpur but also in many markets in Delhi, Hyderabad and UP. The Nagpur City match is considered to be the best option in Punjab Day that you should try at least once.

Punjab Day Satta King Archives

Who doesn’t know Gully game today! It is one of the biggest games like Disawar which thousands of people like to play today.

If we talk about the popularity of Gully game, you will find it in many places of New Delhi, Haryana and UP. Gully can be played at any time of the day, but you will see its effect at the end of doubles games, ie. till 11 o’clock. You can try playing Gully instead of Punjab Day Satta King.

There are many satta kings whose names can tell where they play or what they are associated with! The same is true of Delhi. From the name itself, we can tell that this is a game played in Delhi. Wherever you live in Delhi, you can find this Matka at the Matka market in that area. Delhi Day game can be played online and offline which makes the game easy.

Satta Punjab

New Faridabad game is a related game to the main Faridabad game. It is supposed to be the style of the great Faridabad. If you live in places like Faridabad, Ghaziabad or Delhi, you must try New Faridabad at least once. You can play New Faridabad online with the help of internet or offline by visiting your matka market. This game is easier than others.

Reasons Why Players Love Play Satta King Punjab By Fixsatta Guru

If you don’t know how to play Punjab De Satta King or what are the modes of playing then below we have talked about 2 such modes with the help of which you can play easily Punjab De Satta King –

If you want, you can experience a Punjabi day by visiting a matka market in your city. Many people love and want to play this way only.

But if you don’t want to try it at the Matka market, you can buy it online with the help of the website.

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