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2023 One day National Seminar on the theme “An Overview of Implementation of GST in India” (In Hybrid mode)

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 National  24.02.2023
2023 Stepping into the World of Technology (7 Days Workshop) Click Here to Register

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National 22-02-2023  to


2016-17 Kalidas ke Kavya aur Chausath Kalayean National 29-03-2017  to


2019-20 Impact of COVID-19 on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education National 29-05-2020 to


2019-20 COVID-19: Changing Relationship of Nations in Global Perspective International 04-06-2020 to


2019-20 COVID-19: Economic Challenges and Opportunities for India National 6/6/2020
2019-20 Impact of COVID-19 on Social Prospective – A Historic View International 07-06-2020 to


2019-20 Novel Corona Virus and Re-writing of the Human Imagination International 6/11/2020
2019-20 Impact of COVID-19 on Indian Music International 13-06-2020 to


2019-20 Impact of COVID-19 on the Changing Perspective of Literature International 6/16/2020
2019-20 Indian Music in Stress Management during Pandemic International 6/17/2020
2019-20 COVID-19 and the Role of NSS National 6/18/2020
2019-20 Workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences National 20-06-2020 to


2020-21 Colonial Historiography National 11/21/2020
2020-21 National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 : A Review International 12-12-2020  to


2020-21 Indian Classical Music, Lecture, Demonstration National 12/17/2020
2020-21 Towards Self-Reliant and Skill India Initiative: A Sociological Debate National 18-12-2020 to